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The chemical industry is of importance in terms of its impacts on the social environment as the waste waters from these industries are generally large in amount containing the toxic pollutants. These industries in general will produce wastes that usually contains huge amount of organic and inorganic matters which gets varied in terms of degree of concentration. Today, the chemical industries are facing the formidable regulatory challenges in the aspect of environment while treating the waste water effluents. Hence, this has created the necessity of using the chemical water treatment plants which will reduce the usage of water used for chemical processing thereby saving the water for the society. To overcome this difficulty, we are providing a numerous types of waste water management products like effluent treatment plants (EFT), Zero Liquid Discharge plants (ZLD) to the chemical industries within the line of chemical treatment programs. We encompass the wide spectrum of chemical industry applications including cooling water, boiler water, pretreatment of chemicals, and other waste water solutions.



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