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Paper and pulp

Today, amongst all the paper and pulp industries are consuming large quantity of water for the process of pulp preparation and bleaching among other process. Water is required here to make paper and pulp out of cellulose, wood, and fibers. This process would end up in the discharging of contaminated waste water and sludge. As the water is an essential raw material for the paper and pulp manufacturing industries, effluent treatment plants are highly insisted to be used which effective will promote the activity of re-using the waste paper. Though, this is really a challenging task it can be made possible by using the water treatment plants like Effluent Treatment plants (ETP), and Zero Liquid Discharge plants (ZLD) which are the most suggested for paper and pulp industries. We specifically design water treatment systems in order to face the environment challenges in the cost effective manner and energy efficient manner. Our plants are capable of delivering the reliable and customized waste water solutions for treating paper and pulp required the low investment while strictly meeting the environment guidelines.



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