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What is E-softener? E-softener plants are the best solutions for treating all hard water related problems with zero water wastage and zero maintenance once after it gets installed. These E-softeners does not require any type of salts, chemicals, or electricity. It benefits by providing complete stoppage of hard scaling. E-softener helps the water improve the oxidation and surface tension of the water thereby improving the working condition of the plants. It can also help in growing the algae which in turn keeps the water fresh. E-softener plants are suitable for Drip irrigation and Sprinkle systems. These E-softeners are available in variety of sizes and it is applicable for all fields. Principle behind E-softener plants working E-softener plants works with a principle of electro-magnetic treatment which is based on the fact of creating an oscillation field of energy by using the high frequency radio square waves. The plants will produce a unique square waves which can sweep the entire frequency responses ranging from 1000 to 15000 HZ at a rate of 10 times per second. When the oscillating field’s strength varies with respect to the time and changes, an induced current will be produced inside the pipe line. This is called the Faraday’s law of induction. Features of E-softener plants Easy to install Maintenance free Enhanced durability Fits to all environment Processes salty water and chemical content water Capable of retaining the healthy minerals Free from pressurizations Requires lesser space Safe to operate Low running cost Requires lower power consumption Effective on using copper or steel pipes Industrial Applications Pharmaceutical industries Hospitals and healthcare Hotels and resorts Food processing units Cooling tower feed water Boiler feed water Humidification and air conditioning applications Oil and gas industries Restaurants Heating system applications Benefits of utilizing E-softener’s When utilized in industrial operations, keeps machines from corrosion Variety of cost effective standard models available Can produce good quality of water Treated waters are clean, soft, and smooth For constantly monitoring the quality of output Preserves the life of all appliances using this Helps in reducing the greenhouse gas



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