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Industrial RO Plants

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What is Reverse Osmosis? Reverse Osmosis is a technology used for removing the large amount of contaminants from the water by passing the water through the semi-permeable membrane. What is RO plant? A reverse osmosis plant is basically a manufacturing plant in which the reverse osmosis process takes place. The RO plants desalinate the water using the six kilo-watt hours of electricity ending in an amount of salty briny waste. What are industrial RO plants? This module is vital for industrial RO water planter’s for the safer operations. Industrial RO plants are designed after analyzing completely. These plants helps in determining the hardness and contaminants of the water and determining the pre conditioning required. Process of industrial RO plants Raw water pump (to generate pressure) Pressure sand filter (PSF) [filter water by pressure sand] Activated carbon filter (ACF) (to remove odor, color, oil, and chlorine) Micron cartridge filter (MCF) (for removing micron sized particles) Antiscalant dosing system (for preventing membrane from scaling) High pressure pump (for supplying the feed water to RO system) Ro membrane element ( rejecting 90 – 95% of total dissolved solids) Treated (RO) water (to store treated (pure) water in tank) Features of industrial RO plants Excellent functioning Fully automatic operation Uses sustainable energy resources Longer operational life Reduces the energy consumption Requires lesser maintenance Improves the process of desalination Long durable Innovates the areas to treat the wastes Easy to install Compact design Optimal Performance Durable finish standards Vigorous construction Excellent performance Sturdy construction Industrial Applications Package Drinking Water industries Pharmaceutical Industries Ion Exchange Pre-treatment Safe Drinking Beverage Production Water Boiler Feed Water Mineral water plants chemical industries to reduce regeneration Pure water for industrial purpose Extra pure water for electronic purpose Industry Boiler water replenishment Seawater desalting Commercial water treatments Recycling processes Benefits of industrial RO plants Efficient & economical method for removing dissolved solids Easy to start up Spares and services are easily available Delivered within short span of time Compact & modular Can be easily specified from wide range Visually monitored

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