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Demineralization Plants

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What is Demineralization? Demineralization is the process of removing the mineral salts present in water by using the ion exchange process. Demineralization removes all the mineral salts like calcium, sodium, copper, iron, and nitrates and Chlorides. Demineralized water is pure water freed from dissolved materials as a result of any one of the following process: Deionization Distillation Membrane filtration (Reverse Osmosis or Nano filtration) Electro dialysis Or other technologies What are Demineralized (DM) plants? Demineralized plants will produce the demineralized water through the process of ion exchange technology. Using the DM pants will help in reducing the scale formation, corrosion and deposition of tubes which in turn increases the life of pipes and tubes that are present in plants. The main benefit is that it prevents blades from corrosion when they are utilized in turbines. Types of Demineralized (DM) plants Demineralized plants are available in various types as listed below: DME/DMHE DMCE UPCORE (UPflow COuntercurrent REgeneration) MB/MBA Two bed DM plants Mixed bed DM plants (When it comes the need for getting high-purity Demineralized Water, using the Mixed Bed demineralizer is the best choice) Features of Demineralized (DM) plants Enhanced durability Remarkably remove ionic material from water Design based on industrial approval Rigid construction Compact size Easy to operate Corrosion resistant Less maintenance High functionality Longer operational life Low cost Rust free Smooth functioning Industrial Applications Pharmaceutical industries Chemical industries Thermal power plants Textile industries Beverage production Cooling water make up Semi-conductors laboratories Boiler feed water Hospitals and other commercial applications Water treatment plants for removal of calcium and magnesium salts Benefits of utilizing Demineralized (DM) plants? Used for treating high pressure boiler feed water Easy to install Variety of cost effective standard models available Can produce good quality of water Complete removal of dissolved solids Complete Assembly with backwash Simpler distribution and collection systems Mixed bed option for greater purity conductivity meter For constantly monitoring the quality of output

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