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Water Softener Plants

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What necessitates the use of water softener plants? Hardness is of two types as carbonate hardness (known as temporary hardness) and Non-carbonate harness (permanent hardness). The level of water’s hardness increases when the calcium and magnesium ions dissolve more. Ions are originated from limestone sediments &carbon dioxide present in water. Here comes the necessity to soften the hardness of water through the process of ion exchange & this creates the necessity of using water softening plants which softens the hard water. What are Water softener plants? Water softener plants are a kind of water filters that removes the hardness of water due to the presence of calcium and magnesium. Those plants are designed to produces treated soft water that suits all the kinds of industrial applications having the low residual hardness through the entire service cycle. Synthetic resins are used to exchange sodium ion with hardness calcium and magnesium ions. Process of Water softener plants Water softener plants works under the principle of ion exchange process which is done through the resin. These plants will undesirably exchange the ions with the desired ions. The process includes passing raw water through a bed of cation resin in sodium form. The Calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged and the sodium ions are relinquished. Types of Water softener plants Numerous types of water softener plants are available in the market based on the latest and advanced technology. Chemical Water Softeners (used in Laundry) Packaged Water Softeners (2 types as) Precipitating Non-precipitating Automatic water softener Stainless steel RO water softener Automatic sodium exchanger water softener Fully Automatic Water Softener electric single tank softener hydraulic twin tank softener Features of Water softener plants User friendly operations Hassle-free operation Durable structure Non-corrosive Rigid design Longer service life Smooth operation Efficient functionality Long working life Cost effective and lesser maintenance Compact design Automatic regeneration Low power consumption Light weight & compact Industrial Applications Hospitals and healthcare Hotels and resorts Boiler Feed Food processing units Textile Industries Dyeing processes Beverage Production chemical Industries Air Conditioning Plant Water power plants Pharmaceutical industry Oil and gas Restaurant Heating system Commercial and Institutional water power plants Benefits of Water softener plants Provide continuous supply of water Reduces residues Makes cleaning easier and inexpensive Prevents against hard water spots Increases the life span of water utilizing appliances.

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